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2020 has proven to be a very challenging year to be in the tour business. due to covid-19 restrictions, we must operate in a very different New Orleans that most people are used to.  Many businesses are closed, some permanently. We are doing our best to stay in business and appreciate everyone who takes our tours and supports the other small businesses trying to survive. Thank You All!


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Storyville Tour Co.

An intriguing look at the historic city of New Orleans by a 3rd generation native.

2018 marks
New Orleans’ Tricentinnial

What a perfect year to come visit and learn a little about New Orlean’s history. Join us in celebrating our city’s 300th birthday!

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Featured Tours

St. Louis Cemetery

Walk-Around Tour

This tour is replacing our normal St Louis Cemetery tours during the pandemic.

Face Masks Are Required

Visit the St. Louis Cemetery #1 & #2, located in the former red light district of Storyville! You will learn from an experienced guide about New Orleans history concerning death and burials. You will still have a chance to view many tombs. All be it, socially distanced from outside of the cemetery.  The tour will visit but not enter the cemeteries.  We realize this isn’t exactly what people want, but it is what we are allowed to do during this pandemic. Please consider supporting us. Thank You.


French Quarter 504

An Introduction to New Orleans

Face Masks Are Required

History, Architecture and Culture! This is a crash course in New Orleans History. We will answer questions like: Why build a city in a swamp? Why do they call it a ‘poboy’? Was there really a streetcar named Desire? This tour has plenty of fun facts and true stories to entertain even the veteran visitor to our city.

The Sounds of Nola

A Musical Landmark Tour

Face Masks Are Required

The Sounds of Nola tour is a look at New Orleans’ international influence on pop culture in regards to the music industry. You will see where musical legends first performed and the first Rock n Roll recording studio in the world. This tour travels through the French quarter and Armstrong Park.

Welcome to New Orleans!

Let Us Be Your Guide

About Us
Storyville Tour Company strives to offer unique and historically accurate New Orleans tours.  Our goal is to both entertain and inform you with an intriguing look at the history of New Orleans.  Our particular are of expertise focuses on Saint Louis Cemeteries # 1 and # 2. However, we offer several tours that explore different  areas of New Orleans history and culture. It doesn’t matter if you are looking for a history lesson,  a good story or just would like to see the sights. We have a tour for you!

New Orleans Tours
All of our tours are limited to 14 guests for a more personal experience. Reservations must be made at least 2 hours before the tour begins.


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