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Frequently Asked Questions

Are you giving tours during the Covid-19 Pandemic?

We will resume our tours when the City of New Orleans allows us to begin Phase 3 of Corona Virus Restrictions. This is scheduled to happen on October 3. Although we will begin operating, it will be under the restrictions and guidelines set forth by the city and state.


*Note: Because of the Pandemic, we are not able to run several of our tours. See next question….

Are you giving tours of the St Louis Cemetery?

Yes! and also, No.

The Catholic Archdiocese of N.O. Owns and Operates the St Louis Cemeteries. They are not allowing tour groups or non-family members access to their Sacred Grounds during the pandemic. There are no plans to re-open it until 2021.

Although we cannot enter the cemetery, we are conducting a St Louis Cemetery Walk-Around Tour. This walking tour visits both St Louis #1 & #2 cemeteries. You will still learn about our tombs, burial traditions and even see examples of them. All be it, socially distanced outside the cemetery.

Look. This is not what any of us want, but it is all we have to work with. Please consider taking this tour so that we can be here next year. Thank you.

Is there a lot of walking involved?
On average our tours last about 1.5 – 2 hours. We will often walk a couple of blocks  between stops. Our blocks are only 300 feet long, but there is considerable walking. 

Can I bring my dog?
We love all your furry companions and well behaved pets are certainly welcome to accompany you on most of our tours. However, The Catholic Archdiocese of New Orleans and the City of New Orleans, who own St. Louis Number 1 and Lafayette Cemetery number 1 have limited access to only dogs certified as service animals. Therefore, those same restrictions apply to our tours that enter those premises.  

Can I bring my tasty beverage?
Yes! you are welcome to bring what ever you would like to consume on our tours. This is of course New Orleans! Although, during the hottest part of the day, you might consider swapping out that Hand Grenade for a big bottle of water. One more thing. Remember how the Catholic Archdiocese and City do not allow dogs in their cemeteries? Same goes for booze and tobacco.  

What should I bring?
Comfortable walking shoes are a must! Ladies, you look wonderful in high heels, but our sidewalks are not kind to them. We are also prone to sudden downpours. So, we encourage you to bring a small poncho or umbrella. Umbrellas are also good for shade during our hottest months. There is a break in our tours, but if you would like to bring a bottle water, you may.  

What if it rains?
Our tours run rain or shine. Getting wet is part of being in Louisiana. Many of our showers will dump an incredible amount of rain in just a few minutes and then be done. During those episodes, we will hunker down under a gallery as best we can. The bringing of umbrellas is therefore, highly encouraged. Somedays, the weather does get dangerous. In the advent that this happens, tours will be rescheduled and vouchers for credit on future tours awarded. There will be no cash or credit refunds.  

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